Born in Los Angeles, Alland began his musical journey at a young age. Trying his hand at piano and trumpet as a young boy and influenced by the experimental electronic sounds of the early 90s, Alland grew captivated with the world of dance music, began experimenting with basic production and eventually bought his first pair of turntables. While working at WAX Records, LA’s now defunct authority on dance music, Alland’s tastes matured, and a move to San Francisco in 2003 saw Alland’s star rise quickly; while in SF, Alland honed his talents DJ-ing at respected venues stateside and overseas, started his own an underground dance music label named Nightlight Music and launched one of California’s most inspired techno-focused nightclub events, the monthly [KONTROL] party.

Gaining global attention producing gems for definitive record labels such as Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail, Real Tone, and Dirt Crew, by the time he garnered four stars from influential web-based dance music magazine Resident Advisor for his original full-length album release, Brick By Brick (2009), Alland’s devotion to the techno-house sound was plain to see and his fate as one of dance music’s major talents was reasonably sealed.

At the same time, Alland’s ongoing DJ residency at San Francisco’s legendary [KONTROL] party found him sharing the stage with a roster of talent that reads like a who’s who in underground house and techno, leading to a solid demand for him at dance music gatherings around the globe – often as a headliner at renowned events and venues like Berlin’s Panoramabar, Watergate, Bar25, Cookies and Tresor, Munich’s Harry Klein, Brazil’s D-Edge, Tokyo’s La Fabrique, America’s Smartbar, Decibel and Detroit Movement Festival among many others.

Byallo’s 2010 relocation to Berlin inspired an expansion of horizons and focus not only on DJing and producing but also label management, with the launch of Bad Animal. The label has been exploring the more intimate side of dance music, cultivating productions from Alland and a close-knit group of friends. 2015 saw the release of his acclaimed sophomore full length on the highly respected Third Ear Recordings imprint. The release showed a more expressive, exprimental side of his productions, and has begun to pave the road to more daring and artistic musical exploits.

Now, after an illustrious, twenty year strong career as a globe-trotting DJ all while living the one-two punch creative life as a designer for both dance music-related and corporate clients, Byallo spends his days and nights channeling unwavering commitment to dance music culture, both as a music producer and an art director. Byallo has since launched his own personal creative playground, the Full Bleed Sound imprint, a label that focuses on Deep House and jazzy broken beat sounds.

Record Label Record Information
Alluv Recordings (US) : 12" V/A - Love in Many Ways Sampler // Track Title: Scotch
Odds And Ends Music (US) : 12" V/A Miami Sampler // Track Title: Uptown Recognition
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG My Nightlight EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Native Pattern EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Acid Reflux EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG King For A Day EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Brandon Plank - I Am (Alland Was Remix)
Epsilonlab (CA) : DIG Club Soda & Salt EP
Depth Recordings (US) : DIG Benadryl Brownie EP
Soul Monkey Records (FR) : 12" Alland Byallo & The Soul Monkey - The Messengers EP
Mo's Ferry Productions (DE) : DIG Dapayk & Padberg - Bretter DD Welt Bereute (Console Prayer Rmx)
Deepfunk Records (US) : 12" V/A - Innercity Experience Volume 3 // Track Title: La Brea
Public Access (US) : 12" V/A - Donkey Punch // Track Title: Dont Dub Me
Utensil Recordings (US) : 12" DJ Fluid - Loud and Clear (Alland's Junk Mix)
Utensil Recordings (US) : DIG DJ Fluid - Loud and Clear (Alland's 4iDeep Dub) + Alland's (4iBump Mix)
Loco United (DE) : 12" Capped Synapse (W/Phonique Remix) (MX) : DIG V/A - Net Label Sampler // Track Title: Link Light
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG V/A - Our Pet's Heads Are Falling Off // Track Title: Acid Slap
Shva Muzik (UK) : 12" Counter Space EP
Gourmet Recordings (US) : 12" Ludovic Vendi - Hectorine (Alland Byallo Remix)
Immigrant (UK) : 12" Robin Porter - Fathernature (Alland Byallo Only Child Remix)
Deepfunk Records (US) : 12" Blacksoul - Original Sinner (Alland's Confession Dub)
Liebe * Detail (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Buckets / Ed Davenport - Swantalk
Floppy Funk (CH) : 12" Alland Byallo - Dark Tide Disco
Dirtybird Records (US) : 12" Claude VonStroke - Chimps (Alland Byallo Remix)
Katabatic (US) : DIG Worthy - Bassquake (Alland Byallo Remix)
Siteholder Uncut (US) : DIG DimDJ - Dead By Night (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Tried & True EP
Blacksoul Music (HR) : DIG Pete Dafeet - No Lpve (Alland Byallo Remix)
Harmonious Discord (US) : DIG KilloWatts - Everglade (Alland Byallo Remix)
Dialtone Recs (MX) : DIG Run To Me EP
Ruff Recordings (US) : 12" Adnan & Tectrix - Kontrole (Alland Byallo Remix)
Thoughtless Music (CA) : DIG KilloWatts - Snakewinds (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Drag EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Curd & Whey EP
Auralism Records (US) : DIG V/A - Label Sampler // Track Title: Haunted Heart
Justified Cause (ES) : 12" Alland Byallo & Tres Manos - Secret Games
MOMA Recordings (ES) : DIG Alland Byallo - Yeverywhere EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo & Kenneth Scott - Tomorrow & Tomorrow Again EP
Utensil Recordings (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Poached Pair EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo & Kenneth Scott - Tomorrow & Tomorrow Again EP
Thinner (DE) : DIG Daniel Gardner - Under the Shower Tower (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Hell's Bells EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Haves & Havenots EP
Kolour Recordings (US) : DIG Christian Malloni - Pow Wow (Alland Byallo Remix)
Airdrop (US) : CD V/A CD - Extraction United States // Track Title: Never Listen
Wreckless Digital (US) : DIG EC50 - Oh What A... (Alland Byallo Remix)
Re:Code (BE) : DIG nutownproject - Recods (Alland’s Parkside Deep Mix)
Stomp/EQ (AU) : DIG Chris Fortier - Stay Tuned (Alland Byallo V-Hold Remix)
Blipswitch Digital (US) : DIG J. Rogers - Meditation Point (Alland Byallo Nightlight Mix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Patterns of Me EP
Auralism Records (US) : DIG V/A - Primaveral Vol 4 // Track Title: Into My Here
Trenton (FR) : 12" Carlos Gibs - Where Are You (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Brick By Brick LP
Blipswitch Digital (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Dark Tide Disco 2009 + Remixes
My Little Dog (ES) : DIG Brown Shoes - Chantal Is Drunk (Alland Byallo Reposado Remix)
OM Records (US) : CD V/A - Om 15 // Track title: Alland Byallo ft. Cari Golden - Head First Omega
Chillin' Music (US) : DIG Alvaro Ernesto - Deep for Y (Alland Byallo Nightlight Mix)
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Oasiss
EIGHT-TRACKS (US) : DIG Brett Johnson - Missing You (Alland Byallo Remix)
Airdrop Records(US) : DIG Soul Clap - 3 Wheel Emotion (Alland Byallo Gold Daytons Mix)
SubSensory (US) : DIG Stabby Mcgee (Alland Byallo Remix)
Poker Flat Digital (DE) : DIG Ed Davenport - Warmethene (Alland Byallo Remix)
Flumo (ES) : DIG Ludwig Coenen - Les Crepes (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nightlight Music / NLM222 (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Hell's Bells (Fourth Ring)
Missive Music (FR) : DIG Alland Byallo - My City EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - War Zero Remixes ft. Dario Zenker, Agaric, Ed Davenport
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Rare Bird Remixes ft. Dave Aju, Frivolous, Joshua Iz
Tonality (US) : DIG Kelvin K - Ancestral Moon (Alland Byallo Remix)
Electric Soul (US) : DIG Onionz - Old Shamanic Ritual (Alland Byallo Remix)
Vizual (US) : DIG Joshua Iz - Alpha Omega (Hall Monitor Remix)
Adjunct Audio (US) : DIG Kenneth James Gibson - It's Too Late (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Noice! (US) : DIG Triple R & Roland M. Dill - Kunstopf (Alland Byallo Remix)
Headset Recordings (US) : DIG June Lopez - Rhythm Into Motion (Alland Byallo Remix)
Buena Onda (FR) : DIG Fly O Tech - Muzik (Alland Byallo Remix)
Nacthstrom (DE) : 12" Dietrich Schoenemann & Tony Rohr - Stovepipe (AB Remix)
Liebe * Detail (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Can I, May I
Dirt Crew (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Eyes Closed, Looking In EP
Auralism Records (US) : DIG Dead Seal - OKlearance (Alland's Klearance Klarence Mix)
Akbal Music (MX) : DIG Afrilounge - Maya Expression (Alland Byallo Remix)
Hidden Recordings (US) : DIG Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause - The Great Lawn (AB Remix)
Adjunct Audio (US) : DIG Dubloner - It's Too Late (Alland's Looking Back Remix)
Nude Photo Music (US) : DIG Sergio Gregori - She's An Operator (Alland Byallo Remix)
Adjunct Audio (US) : DIG Dubloner - It's Too Late (Alland's Looking Ahead Remix)
Poker Flat (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Discovaries EP
Nightlight Music (US) : DIG Dead Seal - Kookoo Mind (Alland Byallo Lithium Remix)
Beef Music (CZ) : CD Alland Byallo - Sink and Swim
Sketchbook (US) : DIG Android Cartel - One For Santiago (Alland Byallo Remix)
Sirius Pandi (BE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Tribune EP
Seta (SK) : DIG Matt Keyl - The Ground (Alland Byallo Remix)
Moodmusic (DE) : DIG Migoo - Maschine Poetry (Alland Byallo Berlin Mix)
Room With A View (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Stern Soul
Maya (US) : DIG Matthias Heilbronn & Joeski - Elevation (Alland Remix)
Limikola (DE) : DIG Someone Else - Bedroom Eyes (Alland Byallo Remix)
Regular (ES) : 12" Monkey Brothers - Bass Line White (Alland Byallo Remix)
Amam (IT) : DIG Alland Byallo & Clint Stewart - 32nd Avenue
Deeper Shades (US) : DIG Lars Behrenroth - Missing You (Alland Byallo Remix)
Moodmusic (DE) : DIG Migoo - Maschine Poetry (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Bad Animal (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Thirsty Eyes
Trenton (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - The Story From Scratch EP
Adjunct Audio (US) : DIG V/A - Alland Byallo - Try Again
Poker Flat (DE) : 12" / CD V/A - Alland Byallo - One Of The Ones
Plant74 (RU) : DIG Mr. Pepper - Bodykey (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Moodmusic (DE) : DIG V/A - Alland Byallo - Ignorance
Bad Animal (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Tragic Acid EP
Adjunct Audio (US) : DIG Velvet Elvis - Jazz Hands (Alland Byallo Remix)
District Raw (IT) : DIG Martin Aquino - Things People Say (Alland Byalo Remixes)
Girlscout (DE) : 12" Astro Nivo - Can You Feel Me (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Tenampa (MX) : DIG Phonogenic - DesenJumi (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Geno Records (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Turn You Up / Blessing Box
Opossum Records (DE) : 12" Deepchild - Closer (Alland Byallo Remix)
Release Sustain (UK) : DIG V/A - Alland Byallo - High Stakes
Noice! (US) : DIG Gavin Hardkiss - Grand Jete (Alland Byallo Remix)
Viva Recordings (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Grimm Falls EP
Bad Animal (DE) : 12" Aartekt - Rolling Energy (Alland Byallo Remix)
Thoughtless Music (CA) : 12" Deepchild - I Woke And You Were Smiling (Alland Byallo Remixes)
Neovinyl (ES) : 12" Native Rush - Like There Is No Tomorrow (Alland Byallo Remix)
Geno Records (DE) : DIG Jonny Cruz - French Odyssey (Alland Byallo Remix)
Real Tone (FR) : 12"

Alland Byallo - Got It Wrong

Fantastic Friends (CH) : 12" Dandee Rain - Samu (Alland Byallo Remix)
Thoughtless Music (CA) : DIG Alland Byallo - Bygones Part 1 EP
BPitch Control (DE) : DIG

Safety Scissors - Progress And Perseverance (Alland Byallo Remix)

Handmade Music (US) : DIG

Michael Ruris - Loose (Alland Byallo Remix)

Release Sustain (UK) : 12" Alland Byallo - Wiring Range EP
Get Physical (DE) : TBA Smash TV - Girls and Noise (Alland Byallo Remix)
NOSI Music (US) : DIG Danielle Nicole - Chromogenic (Alland Byallo Remix)
Cocoon Recordings (DE) : CD

Sante & Frank Lorber feat Alland Byallo - No More

TEAM Records (TR) : 12" Hermans - Jitter Train (Alland Byallo Remix)
Upon You (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Crepuscular
Upon You (DE) : CD / DIG V/A - Alland Byallo - Wilden Children
Bad Animal (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Dead Ringer EP (feat Aquarius Heaven)
Third Ear Recordings (UK) : 2x12"

Alland Byallo - Bones, Flesh LP

W-EE (FR) : 12" V/A - Kid Grimm - Pancakes
HOUSEWAX (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Thousand Mile Glance
RAWAX (DE) : 12" Alland Byallo - For Everyone A Sentence
Fantastic Friends (CH) : DIG Alland Byallo & Nicolas Duvoisin - Walls & Falls
Viva Recordings (US) : DIG Alland Byallo - Planufer
Intimate Friends (NL) : 12" KAMM - Kick Drunk Love LP
Room With A View (DE) : 12" Kid Grimm - Monkey Disco
22 Digit (UK) : DIG Alland Byallo - Night Falls On My Back
Envelope Audio (SE) : 12" Alland Byallo - Fly Rocket Ships
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Rule of Thirds
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Dilatant ft Matt Paull
Circus Company (FR) : 12" KAMM - Cookie Policies
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Dilatant Remixes
Circus Company (FR) : 12" KAMM - Cookie Policies Remixes
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Ready To Go feat. Sally Green
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Ascender
Full Bleed (DE) : DIG Alland Byallo - Fill Light Shine